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Scotties Berrigan is now permanently closed.....

Clearing sale 11 February 2021 pending COVID-19 restrictions and border closures.  This will include currently listed items and a broad range of workshop tools and equipment.  Full listing and dates to follow shortly.

Scotties Berrigan was Established in 2000.

The main principal of the business, Ian Scott (Scotty), who operates the business in conjunction with his wife Beverly, and two permanent employees, has always had a history attached to the rural sector.

He was born on a farm in southern Victoria, then worked  as a tractor driver / mechanic  on a station in the Hay / Griffith irrigation area. For a short period of time he owned and operated a farm in the Berrigan area, before he developed his own business ........ Scotties Berrigan. Which concerntrates on the purchase of Farm Machinery from within a large area of the base of Berrigan. Most purchase are usually made from clearing sales, trades, and private purchases.


About Us